Acid Factory

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Acid Factory

Acid Factory


Category: Action
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A cooling system breakdown at Toxichem Inc's Acid Factory has caused an explosion releasing tonnes of green acid from the tanks and flooding the whole complex!

Harry - our hero - has worked in the factory for years and knows the complex like the back of his hand but he's now trapped in the filtering chamber where he was working at the moment of the explosion.

Harry needs to escape the factory, avoiding falling in the acid pools that have formed in practically every room - and he's got to be fast, the acid's toxic vapours are quickly poisoning the air!

As Harry moves through the acid-flooded rooms he realizes that something's not quite the same as before - the factory appears to be now populated by unearthly creatures some of which bear a disturbing resemblance to some of his colleagues!

Could the acid have caused such a quick mutation of Harry's friends? Or are these the creatures that caused the explosion and have now taken control of the workers bodies?

Armed only with a gamma-ray pistol Harry will have to defend himself from the mutants and find his way out of the factory before the main reactor blows up!